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How to Insulate Your Home Windows

Drafty window? This common home problem can leave you with a chilly room and a high energy bill. Fortunately, there is a quick and simple fix! Follow these steps to insulate your home windows this winter.

How to Insulate Your Home Windows:

  • Use Weather Stripping – Ad plastic weather stripping along the sides of the window. You can buy strips of self-stick rubber weather stripping at your local hardware store — and then cut them down to the dimensions that you need for your window to seal up any gaps.
  • Add Window Caulk – Alternatively, you can add window caulk around your windows. This will help you seal up those gaps and create a clean, airtight seal.
  • Use Layered Curtains – Layered or insulated curtains made of heavy fabrics can help keep out drafts.
  • Install Window Insulation Film – Window film is a quick fix for windows that you don’t use very often in your home. Keep in mind that after the window film is applied, you will not be able to open and close the window. This is something that will need to be completed again each winter, but may be suitable for colder basements or rooms that are used less often.

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