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How to Keep Your Bathroom Organized

Spring cleaning is just around the corner, which means it’s time to step up the organization in your bathroom. From organizing your medicine cabinet to finding a new storage solution for your toothbrushes, the possibilities are completely endless — and we’re here to help with these simple solutions!

Organize in Pairs

One of the best ways to organize your bathroom is to group all similar essentials together. From brushes to lotions, this will be the perfect way to make an impact when it comes to bathroom organization! Additionally, this is also the perfect way to downsize your essentials; you’ll be surprised at what you actually need and what can be thrown out!

Label Your Shelves

Another way to keep your commode organized is to clean the shelves in your medicine cabinet and label them. To start, take everything out of the cabinet and throw away anything that is outdated. Next, take some surface cleaner and wipe down each shelf with some paper towels. After that, use a label maker to start sectioning off certain parts of your cabinet for your essentials. You’ll see how easy this will make the organization process on a daily basis!

Use Height Order

Looking for a different, but useful way to keep your daily essentials organized? Try using the process of height order! First, take all of your grooming and beauty essentials out of their storage units and start grouping them together in height order. Once this simple task is complete, place them back and you’ll be good to go!

Ice Cube Trays

Have a series of earrings laying around your bathroom counter? With that chance that one could become missing (or fall down the drain), there is a simple solution: use an ice cube tray! To start, visit your local dollar or grocery store and purchase an ice cube tray of any size that you feel would work best. Next, take all pairs of earrings and put them in each of the compartments; if you have rings, this will also be ideal for them, too. Once it’s complete, you’ll have a nifty storage compartment for your precious jewelry!

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