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Gas Dryers VS Electric Dryers

When it comes to drying your clothing, do you prefer gas or electric? If you happen to live in a newly built home, with a gas line, then you might be using a gas dryer — but if your house is on the older side, or you don't have a gas line, then you might be using an electric dryer. Whether you’re looking to replace your current machine or want to learn more about the one you’re currently using, then here are some facts to know:

Gas Dryers

Believe it or not, there’s another option for clothes drying besides using an electric dryer. In fact, many homeowners aren’t aware that gas dryers even exist. If you happen to opt for this gas-powered appliance, there are a series of benefits that come with it. One of the most significant benefits? This won’t use an excessive amount of energy when in use.

Sure, this specific dryer uses electricity to power the appliance on — but then the gas takes over when it comes the critical part: drying your laundry. Another benefit of using a gas dryer is that it will take less time to dry your clothes compared to an electric dryer.

We all know the struggle well: you’re waiting for the dryer to be finished — but it feels as if it takes an eternity to complete the job. When you happen to use a gas dryer, it will take less time for the barrel to heat up, which will help dry every ounce of fabric as quickly (and effortlessly) as possible.

Electric Dryers

Ah, the electric dryer! Known as the most popular appliance in homes across the country, this machine will take a stack of damp laundry and will make it dry just about anywhere. In fact, one of the most significant benefits of an electric dryer is that many don’t require an external vent.

Think about it this way: if you have a rather small apartment, with barely any wall or floor space, an electric dryer (without a vent) will be the perfect match!

Another significant benefit of an electric dryer is that the appliance itself is generally inexpensive to purchase. Sometimes, gas dryers tend to be a tad more expensive, due to their functionality. However, when you’re in the market to buy an electric dryer, whether it may need a vent or not, they’re on the cheaper end of the spectrum — which is perfect for the homeowner on a budget!

No matter which of the two dryers you choose, we confident that you’ll select the perfect dryer for you!

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