blue water in toilet

Is It Safe to use Blue Tablets in my Toilet Tank?

We've all seen toilets with continuous blue water courtesy of those tank cleaning tablets. While they may seem like the perfect way to sanitize your “throne” and keep it clean, the reality is that they are quite harmful to your toilet. Those blue toilet tablets can not only cause corrosion to parts inside of the tank, but they are also toxic and release chemicals into your indoor air as well as into the environment.

Here's why we recommend skipping the blue tablet and what you can do instead.

Reason #1: Blue Toilet Tablets Break Down Essential Parts

When it comes to your bathroom, do you typically have trouble with your toilet? You know the drill: you call the plumber more than you call your friends and family. If that’s the case, and you opt to use a blue tank tablet to clean your “throne,” then there’s a strong possibility that the cleaning substitute will, indeed, break down your toilet over time — which will result in more visits from one of our Pipe Wrench plumbers (we don’t mind visiting, of course!)

Reason #2: Blue Toilet Tablets Can Hinder Flushing

Believe it or not, in addition to breaking down essential parts in your toilet tank, the blue cleaning tablet also has the possibility of getting lodged in the flush valve — which can prevent your toilet from doing another essential job: flushing. This will, indeed, create more of an issue with your plumbing and will be the perfect equation for a plumbing disaster.

Reason #3: Blue Toilet Tablets Emit Chemicals

When it’s time to clean your bathroom, typically you’ll open the windows (if there are any) or turn on the exhaust fan to help rid of harmful airborne chemicals from your cleaning products. However, when you opt to use a toilet tank tablet, this blue “disc” will be emitting chemicals (airborne) twenty-four-seven — especially if the cleaning tab is placed in a bathroom with poor ventilation.

This will not only be harmful to your respiratory health, but it will also diminish your indoor air quality drastically. Besides, if you have a dog or cat that likes to drink from the toilet (despite telling them not to), then this water will be extremely detrimental to their overall health and well-being.

Alternatives to Toilet Bowl Cleaner Tablets

If you’re still torn on whether or not to use one of these toilet tablets, then the best solution is to avoid them at all costs. Sure, they boast that they can keep your toilet fresh after each flush — but it will slowly diminish the most used feature in your home.

Of course, the best way to keep your toilet clean is to use green-cleaning agents that will not only maintain a glowing, sanitized “throne” — but will also save your plumbing pipes over time, in addition to maintaining positive indoor air quality. There are a variety of products on the market that are derived from natural ingredients that are safe and effective to use. Alternatively, you could make your own homemade toilet cleaners using ingredients you probably already have around the house, such as vinegar, baking soda, essential oils, and lemon juice.

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