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Hot Water Safety: What You Need to Know

One of the most essential necessities any home needs is running water. Whether you’re washing the dishes or taking a shower, water will always be of great use — especially warm water. Although warm water is quite the necessity, it does have the potential to get too hot, which could seriously injure you or a loved one. To eliminate a possible problem, here are some hot water safety tips you should know:

Let it Flow

Whether you’re the parent of young children or have a dog, it’s always important to let the water in your tub/shower flow before bathing them. Sometimes when you turn on the hot water, the temperature can increase quite quickly — and will, unfortunately, burn skin. One of the best tips to follow when letting the water run prior to the bath/shower is to let it flow for a few minutes before placing your child or dog in the tub. When it comes to water temperature, you don’t have to take a thermometer — but you should look for the water to be lukewarm and comfortable. Anything lower than that temperature will be too cold, while anything hotter than that can be dangerous.

Turn it Down

If you’re concerned that the water might be too hot in your home, then it may be wise to turn the temperature down on your water heater altogether. Whether you have a gas or electric water heater, it’s best to keep the temperature below 130° — since that will eliminate any problems and can avoid the risk of being burned by hot water. In addition to being the best safety precaution, lowering the temperature on your water heater will also lower your monthly water bills, too. This is perfect since not only will you be making the water in your home safe, but you’ll also be saving money in the process (it’s a win-win situation)!

Keep it Low

When trying to keep your water temperature as comfortable (and safe) as possible, it’s important to turn all faucets and fixtures on the lowest setting. Sometimes when you twist your shower fixtures too much (i.e. where the water will run rapidly), that can easily elevate the temperature of your water. However, if you turn all faucets and fixtures at a minimal twist, then you’ll not only be saving water, but you’ll also avoid any excruciating hot water from splashing — and ultimately burning those around it.

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