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Here’s Why You Should Only Give Your Dog Purified Water

When you fill up your pooch’s water bowl, where does that water come from? For most dog owners, they’ll fill it to the brim with unfiltered tap H2O. However, using unfiltered water isn’t the greatest option. In fact, it’s actually best to stop altogether and only provide your fur baby with the purest filtered water possible. Here’s why you should consider making the change.

Tap Water Isn’t Usually Pure

Believe it or not, there are many hidden pollutants that linger in a single drop of tap water. While this water might seem clean and odorless, there are a series of microorganisms that are invisible to the human eye and can have some long-term, negative health effects. Just as you would be alarmed at the possible dangers unfiltered water can take on your own well-being, you should be equally alarmed (if not more), for your pooch’s.

Why Water is Important for Dogs

Just like any mammal, canines need a large amount of clean, filtered water on a daily basis. The reason being that water not only keeps them hydrated, but it helps keep their body in pristine condition. In fact, providing your fur baby with a great amount of water will help the following:

  • Keep muscles and joints lubricated

  • Help produce white blood cells

  • Aid in the production of sweat to keep them cool

  • Remove toxins from the canine’s body

While these are only some of the many benefits that water has to offer, introducing clean, purified water for your dog will help weigh out the bad with the good and keep their health on track. Now, if you’re looking to bring purified water into your pooch’s life, what is one of the best ways to do that?

Filtered Water Solutions

One of the simplest ways to bring top-quality, purified water into your home is to have a whole-house water filtration system installed by our team! Not only will this provide you, your family, and your fur babies with fresher-tasting water, but it will also improve appliance efficiency, provide softer skin and nails, and so much more! When you have one of our systems installed, you’ll never want to use unfiltered tap water ever again!

Are you Looking to Improve Your Home’s Water Quality?

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