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Common Plumbing Mishaps Made by Homeowners

Is it Okay to DIY My Own Plumbing at Home?

Sometimes, a homeowner will feel inclined to tackle any plumbing problems they run into on their own, rather than contacting a plumber. While the standard is a clogged toilet, some would like to take it one step further by attempting to replace a plumbing fixture or unclog a stubborn drain.

The thing is, when you don't have experience in the trade, there is a chance that you can run into more profound, troublesome plumbing problems in your home; here are some of the most common:

Common Plumbing Mistakes Homeowners Make

Using Liquid Drain Cleaner

If you run into a clogged drain in your home, what do you use to get rid of the blockage? For many homeowners, they’ll resort to a chemical drain cleaner — which is a considerable risk. While this “potion” claims it can break through the most stubborn barriers (which it can), it can also tarnish the wellbeing of your home’s plumbing pipes over time.

Not Turning the Water Off

As all plumbing professionals know by heart, before you replace a plumbing fixture or pipe, you need to make sure to shut the water off. While this seems pretty self-explanatory to the pros, many homeowners may not be aware of this important step and keep the water on while they’re in the middle of removing or repairing their plumbing fixture.

When this happens, not only will water begin to shoot out (since there’s nothing to stop it), but it can flood your space and cause irreversible water damage — which no homeowner wants to encounter.

DIY-ing a Plumbing Project With No Experience

To tie everything together, one of the most significant plumbing mishaps made by homeowners across the nation is taking on a project with no plumbing experience whatsoever. Whether it’s to replace a kitchen sink or swap out an old plumbing pipe behind a wall, there can be a series of consequences if the wrong move is made.

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