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Why You Should Keep your Toothbrush off the Counter

Ah, the toothbrush! Known to be a staple of every individual’s daily routine, this bristled phenomenon is the perfect way to keep your teeth in tip-top shape and clean all day long. However, after you’re done using your toothbrush, where do you tend to store it? Hopefully, it’s away in the cabinet — because there are some unsettling reasons why it should stay off of the counter:

Could Fall on the Floor

Share a bathroom with more than one resident in your home? If that’s the case, it’s possible for your toothbrush to fall on the floor by accident. You know the drill: after washing your hands, you go to turn the faucet off — and then your hand accidentally knocks your brush off of the counter and onto the floor. Sure you can sanitize it — but that might not be sufficient enough to ward away from harmful bacteria.

Your Counter Might be Dirty

Another reason to keep your toothbrush off of the counter is that, indeed, the surface might be dirty. Of course, a homeowner typically cleans their lavatory on a weekly basis — but in between, especially when guests use your bathroom, there is the chance that excess water from one’s hands can create some harmful bacteria if not dried from the counter. This bacteria, of course, can travel up the handle of your brush and make its way onto the bristles — which won’t be pleasant.

Sink Water Could Splash

What’s the first thing you do after using the bathroom? For most, it’s washing their hands in the bathroom sink. Sure, this is the solution to sanitizing your hands — but any water that from your hands, before lathering, could sprinkle onto the brush — causing whatever was on your palms to stay within the bristles. This, of course, can’t be seen to the human eye — but it can certainly cause the spread of bacteria.

Flushing will Pollute

When you flush the toilet, do you keep the lid open or closed? If you happen to leave the lid open, then any particles from your “business” will go airborne and land on your toothbrush bristles. This will then be a breeding ground for bacteria over time, which is not such a pleasant — especially since this brush is cleaning your teeth!


If you’re not sure where to store your toothbrush, then the answer is simple: keep it in your bathroom cabinet. Of course, you’ll want to rinse the bristles from time-to-time with some mouthwash, to prevent bacteria from building up!

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