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How to Keep Your Guests Cool at Your BBQ

Summer is the quintessential time for food, friends, good times, and of course, barbeques! Whether you’re hosting this grilling celebration at your home or the local park, it’s usually held on a hot, beautiful day. If you’re looking to keep your guests happy and cool, then here are some valuable tips to know:

Bring the Water

One of the most important tips to keep your guests cool is to keep them hydrated. That’s right: when you provide your guests with an abundance of hydrating beverages, they’ll not only feel cool but comfortable, too.

The best way to keep the water flowing? Place an ice bucket in a shaded part of your yard, add a hearty heap of ice inside the bucket and then fill it to the brim with water bottles (and other hydrating beverages).

Not only will this be convenient for your guests, but it will put you at ease, knowing that you won’t have to replenish a drink pitcher every so often.

Opt for a Later Gathering

Believe it or not, a barbeque can be held during the latter part of the afternoon (it doesn’t have to be precisely at lunchtime). The reason why this is the best alternative is that the sweltering temperatures will drop and the sun will be setting.

Additionally, besides the temperature becoming much more comfortable, a late evening barbeque will be perfect for those guests that are always on the go during the day. You’ll soon be a huge fan of later barbeques for sure!

Always Look for Shade

Sometimes a backward oasis isn’t equipped with trees, shrubbery or any other element that could cast shade. It’s not only important to protect your guests from the blistering sun, but it will also preserve any food you cook, too.

One of the best ways to create shade is to buy some umbrellas. Of course, you don’t need to invest in an expensive state-of-the-art umbrella, but you can simply purchase a few budget-friendly versions at your local home improvement or dollar store (believe it or not).

Once you acquire the umbrellas, you can then place them around your event space in different areas. To add more comfort, you can place some chairs under each, with a small outdoor table, This will be the perfect way to let guests sit where they’d like and remain comfortable, too.

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