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The Best Ways to Deodorize Your Bathroom

Ew — what’s that foul smell? It seems that your bathroom is getting some extra attention these days -- and it’s certainly not from the decor. Believe it or not, sometimes your commode will grow a foul stench from excessive use (and from the obvious, too). If you’re looking for a simple way to keep your bathroom smelling fresh, then here are some important tips to follow:

Open the Window(s)

One of the simplest ways to get rid of a foul odor in your home is to open up the window(s) in your bathroom! Whether it be a large or small window, fresh air will make a complete difference and will rid of airborne bacteria, too. When it comes to opening up your bathroom window(s), make sure that you open it just enough to let air in; a little bit goes a long way!

Pour Vinegar in the Toilet

Another way to keep your bathroom smelling fresh is to pour some vinegar in your toilet! That’s right: the transparent concoction has many different usages that transcend beyond your kitchen cabinets. To start the deodorization process, take one cup of standard vinegar and pour it into your toilet bowl. Instead of flushing the vinegar, let it sit there for a few minutes — and then flush your toilet. Once that’s complete, take a toilet brush and scrub the walls thoroughly. After that’s complete, you’ll have the freshest smelling toilet on earth!

Keep the Fan On

Believe it or not, one of the simplest ways to keep your bathroom smelling fresh is to keep the ventilation fan on. Installed in most bathrooms, this fan will break up any foul stench that may be lingering in your commode. As mentioned earlier, this is the simplest way — because it’s as easy as flicking on an electric switch in your bathroom. Of course, you’ll only want to leave it on for a few minutes — but no more than an hour, since that will waste energy. By leaving the fan on, you’ll notice a pleasant difference — trust us!

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