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Healthy Home Products

Water & Air Purification Systems for a Healthier Home

Your home is your castle, so make sure you protect it from unwelcome intruders like mold, viruses, bacteria, and waterborne contaminants. Here at Pipe Wrench Plumbing Heating & Cooling, we're committed to providing our community with a variety of options to stay healthy and happy at home. Whether you've been thinking about installing a new bidet or are curious about how a whole-house air purification system can help with your allergies, we have all the information you need to make an informed choice. Contact us today for more information on our home health offerings in the Knoxville area.


Home Air Purifiers

There has been growing concern about ensuring that our homes, and offices, are safe environments. If you're worried about allergies, sanitation, cigarette smoke inhalation, odors and more, you can improve indoor air quality immediately with our iWave® air purifying system, which uses ionization technology to clean the air without creating ozone or any harmful byproducts.iWave Air Purifying System

  • Kills 99.9% of all airborne viruses
  • Reduces surface contamination
  • Controls airborne particulates (mold, bacteria, etc.)
  • Eliminates VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds)
  • Remediates smoke and pet odors
  • Safe for people and pets

Contact us today for more information on installing an iWave in your Knoxville home.

Anti-Fogging to Disinfect Ductwork

Nu-CalgonEvaporator coils, condensate pans, filters and ductwork in air conditioning systems can be an excellent breeding ground for bacteria and mold. Left untreated, it can grow and eventually affect your indoor air quality. The Bio-Fresh® cd solution kills odors and bacteria and eliminates odors where they exist.

With our Bio-Fresh Fogger, we spray Bio-Fresh cd into ductwork and other ventilation systems in order to disinfect the interior surfaces of your ductwork and ventilation system.

Bio-Fresh cd is a concentrated, ready-to-use bacteriostat that is recommended for the control of bacteria, mold, mildew, fungi, and yeast in indoor air quality applications. Bio-Fresh does NOT merely cover up or mask odors with alcohol or perfumes, but rather, it eliminates, or “oxidizes” the source of the odor, leaving your home’s air fresh and clean. Because Bio-Fresh does not use any environmentally damaging propellants or flammable ingredients, it is safe to spray in occupied areas of the home.

Call Pipe Wrench now at 865-518-7008 for cleaner indoor air!

HVAC Pan-Treat™ Condensate Pan Treatment Tablets

Pan-Treat™ condensate tablets act to control odors by preventing overflows, caused by clogged or plugged condensate drain lines, in HVAC systems and humidifiers. It is extremely easy to use and is safe, non-corrosive, non-toxic, and biodegradable. Left untreated, condensate pans in your HVAC system can suffer from a build-up of scum and sludge. This build-up causes odors and clogs drains and overflows, which, in turn, causes water damage. Pan-Treat™ effectively cleans and prevents deposits from your HVAC drain lines, thereby eliminating extra maintenance costs associated with odors, plugged drains, and clogged overflows.

For complete HVAC system care, contact us to schedule your Pan-Treat service in Knoxville.


HALO 5 Maintenance-Free Whole-House Water Filtration & Conditioning System

HALO Water SystemsAs supplies of bottled drinking water sometimes dwindle in response to national emergencies, perhaps it's time to consider purifying the water that comes out of your faucet. Even in non-emergency times, it is important to ensure that the water both going into, as well as the water which comes in contact with the outside of, our bodies, should be as free of contaminants and as health-sustaining as possible. Our HALO 5 water treatment system solves hard water problems, as well as chlorine problems.

Our Halo 5 integrated whole house filtration and condition system is maintenance-free, and WQA Certified, and it will improve not only the water you drink, but also the quality of the water in which you bathe and wash your clothing.

The Halo 5 works in 5 stages to purify and condition the water in your home:

  • Stage 1: Water passes through NSF-Certified* (National Sanitation Foundation), acid-washed Granular Activated Carbon (GAC) to remove chlorine, chloramine, gases, dyes, fuels, heavy metals, man-made pollutants, disinfectants, pesticides, TTHM, sodium hypochlorite, sodium, undesirable odors, undesirable taste, and volatile organic compounds (VOCs). *Our NSF/ANSI Cerfited GAC meets or exceeds all Food Chemical Codex, AWWA, ASTM, and USP Standards.
  • Stage 2: Water then passes through Centaur® High Activity Carbon (HAC), which reduces further reduces chlorine and filters water having a wide range of pH levels, to impart a high “polish” to the filtered water. *Centaur® HAC is NSF/ANSI Certified under NSF Standard 42.
  • Stage 3: Water passes through the Filter-Ag Plus®, an all-natural, environmentally safe media with large surface area and micro-porous structure. It is a highly efficient filter media for the reduction of suspended matter down to the 5 micron or less range, and is, therefore, extremely effective at removing water turbidity. In other words, water is “super clear”. *Filter-Ag Plus® is NSF/ANSI Certified under NSF Standard 61.
  • Stage 4: Water passes through High Density Garnet Filter Media. Garnet is a high hardness, high density granular filtration media that can effectively filter down to the 10-20 micron range. It also provides an excellent support bed for other filtration media. *Our High Density Garnet meets AWWA specifications, and is classified by Underwriters Laboratory Inc® in accordance with ANSI/NSF Standard 61.
  • Stage 5: Finally, water is conditioned via the patented HALO ION Inline Water Conditioner, which uses multi-reversing polarity permanent magnetic fields to alter the molecular structure of positively and negatively charged ions of dissolved calcium and magnesium. As a result, the hard water minerals, which would normally lime scale, remain suspended in the water, rather than attacking pipes and appliances. The conditioned water also helps prevent corrosion due to scale, and it will even dissolve existing scale, over time. *With a track record of over 50 years in use, the HALO ION Inline Water Conditioner is a proven, eco-friendly hard water treatment solution.

To install a HALO 5 water filtration system in your home, please call 865-518-7008.

Bring Back the Bidet! Featuring the TOTO® WASHLET® S550E

TOTOWorried about running out of toilet paper? Worry no more! The Washlet® seat offers a gentle aerated, warm-water, dual-action spray with cycling movement and massage feature. The seat offers adjustable water temperature and spray volume, as well as warm air drying with 5 adjustable temperature settings. This Toto Bidet comes in both contemporary and classic designs, in white “Cotton” and “Sedona Beige” colors.

Full List of Features:

  • Gentle aerated, warm water, dual action spray with oscillating and pulsating feature
  • Adjustable water temperature and volume
  • Instant water heating system for continuous warm water and energy saving
  • Warm air drying with 5 variable temperature settings
  • Automatic air deodorizer
  • Convenient slim wireless remote, with illuminated touch pad
  • 2 individualized user settings which can be saved
  • Auto open/close lid
  • Docking station for easy cleaning and installation
  • Heated seat and temperature control
  • EWATER+ auto cleanse wand and bowl
  • On-demand remote function cleans wand with EWATER+
  • Water pre-mist of bowl before each use
  • Night Light

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